Mediation Offerings

Here at PACE, we offer three distinct mediation courses that are perfect for individuals pursuing this career path, or current employees looking to expand on their credentials. Mediation in general is also a beneficial skillset for Human Resources teams when working through workplace disputes. The three courses below can all be taken if desired. Read more about each below, and see related course offerings as well.

Civil Mediation is a solution for disputes of all kinds, such as insurance claims, disagreements between business partners, neighbors, and landlords/tenants, etc.

Family Mediation is applicable to divorcing couples, allocating fairly split parenting time, or attending to any other family related matters. This course covers family law, psychological issues of adults and children in divorce, domestic abuse, financial and property issues, and mediator ethics in family cases.

If you are already a trained civil mediator and are interested in becoming trained to mediate family mediation cases, you can take the Family Mediation Bridge Training course. Completion of this makes you eligible to apply to be on the Minnesota Rule 114 Family Facilitative Hybrid Qualified Neutral Roster.

These courses are certified by the Minnesota supreme court as qualifying individuals for the corresponding rosters. They can be taken for CEU hours or as a credit based course. They may also be taken at the graduate level for someone who is pursuing a master’s degree.

Woman collaborating with class participants