Digital Credentials

What, Why, and How are Digital Credentials

Issued and authorized by St. Cloud State University, digital credentials, also known as digital badges, are an electronically sharable and recognized achievement or competency in a particular skill. ​Digital credentials are a form of alternative credentials that are changing the way advancement occurs within industry. 

Why earn a digital credential?

The world of work is changing.​
The next degree is not always attainable.​
Employers seek demonstrations of experience/skill.​
Social media and digital resumes speak loudly as first impressions.​

How are Digital Credentials Used?

Learn and Earn!

Successfully complete a designated course, achievement, or other eligible activity for digital credentialing. Your achievement will be verified to earn the digital credential. In addition these academic credentials provide a visual, shareable acknowledgement of learners' academic achievement.

Claim the Digital Credential!

After a digital credential is awarded, you will receive an email from PACE and Credly. Follow the step-by-step instructions to claim your digital credential and to set up your Credly account. Keep all of your digital credentials issued from Credly on your account profile page.

Share and Get Noticed!

Get the recognition you deserve. Share your digital credential on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to update your online resume, email signature, portfolio, and website with your new digital credential. Digital credentials represent your skills and qualifications and are quickly accessible to viewers.

Digital Credential Concepts at St. Cloud State University

Three digital credential concepts are available through Professional and Continuing Education, all authorized by St. Cloud State University. Contact Abram Hedtke for more information on how you can earn a digital credential.

non credit badge Continuing Education Digital Credential
for credit badge Credit-Based Digital Credential
third party badge option Customized Training Digital Credential

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