Co-Teaching Train-the-Trainer Workshop

PACE and the Academy for Co-Teaching are partnering to offer a co-teaching train-the-trainer workshop unique unto itself! Register your team of teachers to gain 30-day access to a self-paced co-teaching curriculum that is designed to empower your faculty and school partners with research backed strategies and resources. Co-Teaching is a research based model that supports residency and student teaching programs. This co-teaching model not only better prepares our future teachers, it creates an environment that meets P12 student needs, and energizes the learning experience for all stakeholders.

Facilitated by Dr. Teresa Washut Heck, founder of the Co-Teaching Academy at St. Cloud State University, Co-Teaching professional develompment leader for over two decades, and the founder of the National Association for Co-Teaching (NACT).

Throughout classrooms at all levels co-teaching maximizes strengths between two colleagues, creating an environment that not only meets student needs, but energizes the learning experience. This co-teaching, train-the-trainer workshop is a self-paced, online opportunity that is designed to:

  • Provide the knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative data gathered on co-teaching
  • Assist in identifying key personnel
  • Showcase the steps for successful implementation
  • Provide resources and support for the essential elements and strategies that strengthen the co-teaching environment.

Participants are granted 30-day access to the content, facilitation, feedback, and resources.

With successful completion of the workshop and deliverables, participants will earn a digital credential acknowledging the skills gained that serve as an opportunity for professional advancement.

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Access: 30 day, self-paced access for each participant

Cost: Depending on the size of the team take advantage of various pricing options.

  • $500.00 each - for up to 2 participants
  • $475.00 each - for up to 3 participants
  • $450.00 each - for up to 4 participants
    • Add additional participants for $400.00 each (up to eight)

Instructor: Dr. Teresa Washut Heck

Contact: or 320-308-6100 for questions